Acne Treatments

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Acne Treatments (Full Face)
    From $350

    We are using one of the best & fastest IPL machines on the market, the EFB beauté Adéna IPL, which not only treats unwanted hair, but utilising different handpieces and settings is able to treat a vast array of skin conditions. Reduces active acne by minimising the production of sebum (oil) & stimulating an anti-bacterial action in the sebaceous gland, also suitable to reduce inflammation & can help reduce acne scarring. A course of treatment is best to achieve your desired results. An IPL consultation must be completed with one of our consultants before undergoing treatment.

    This treatment is part of ‘The Beauty Plan’. Easy payment options & Rewards.

  • Light Therapy Treatments - Omnilux (30 mins)

    Using the healing therapy of wave length light to treat multiple skin conditions. Acne is effectively treated using the ‘blue’ light to kill the P.acnes bacteria in the skin. FDA approved, this treatment is non invasive, is often described as very relaxing and has absolutely no downtime. At your first appointment our Consultants will discuss with you which results you would like and design your treatment to suit.

    This treatment is part of ‘The Beauty Plan’. Easy payment options & Rewards.

Ultraceuticals Acne Facials

  • Vita-Clear Facial (30 min)
    This deep cleansing treatment incorporates BHA & potent antioxidants to penetrate deep into the pores to clear congestion. Works to calm inflamed skin, help control excessive oiliness, mattify the complexion and minimise future skin breakouts.
  • Vita-Clear Facial with Infusion (45 min)
  • Vita- Clear Peel (30 mins)
    Utilising AHAs to quickly decongest, clarify and help control oil production. With proven anti-ageing ingredient Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) & potent antioxidant Clove Oil, this peel improves surface congestion and reduces inflammation.
  • Vita- Clear Peel with Infusion (45 mins)

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