What is "The Beauty Plan"?

Want to see visible results from your treatments? Unfortunately we are not able to deliver results in just one visit, most treatments are a commitment to see the best results possible.

So we have created the Beauty Plan to be able to make your treatment journey as easy as possible, able to offer easy payment options or upfront payment discounts. Plus be able to reward you with other treatments of your choice.

As a Beauty Plan client, you will automatically be enrolled in ‘The Beauty Club’, earning points to spend on other treatments.

How does The Beauty Plan work?

We meet with you for a complimentary consultation to talk with you about what results you are looking for.

Once we have the information we need, we then recommend a treatment journey personalised just for you, which may be over 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months, depending on what the desired results are.

Alternatively you can customise your own treatment plan if you know what you want.

You may simply want to come for a massage, lash tint & brow shape every month, so why not let us put this together for you on ‘The Beauty Plan’- and you receive additional rewards from ‘The Beauty Club’.

What treatments can I choose?
You can literally choose any treatment we offer from our standard price list, the only exclusion is Appearance Medicine. Make an appointment for a complimentary no obligation consultation, so we can customise your plan for you.
What do I get as a VIP?

Once you have joined The Beauty Plan you will automatically become a VIP member of The Beauty Clinic. 

You then receive these additional benefits as a VIP member of The Beauty Clinic:

  • 10% Discount on ALL retail products purchased
  • A complimentary 30 minute Facial or Massage of your choice (1 per 12 months)*
  • A complimentary Lash Tint or Brow Tint for each month on your Plan (Maximum of 12)*
  • Invitations to our exclusive events- VIP days- Xmas parties and samples of new Products launched.
  • Plus earn Beauty points on any additional full priced treatments and products purchased.
How do Direct Debits work? Is Interest charged?

The Direct Debit system is very similar to how a Gym Membership works. We set up an automatic payment that comes out of your account on your nominated day (weekly, monthly or fortnightly).

These payments are Interest Free and do not attract any credit bearing so will not affect your credit rating (unless defaulted).

There are small fees to set these direct debits up and a small transaction fee. These will be discussed with you at your consultation.If you do not want to have a direct debit we offer an additional 5% discount if you pre-pay the total value of The Beauty Plan.

* Excludes special offers, retail products & appearance medicine.

Services on The Beauty Plan

Want to do a course of advanced skin treatments? On The Beauty Plan you are able to take advantage of the easy payment options, upfront payment discounts and free treatments plus earn points as a VIP on additional products and services purchased.

We recommend a complimentary consultation with one of our Consultants to discuss the best treatment plan for you. This can be made up of a number of different services to deliver the best results. Or simply can be treatments of your choice.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin Rejuvenation

Reduce sun damage (photo-aging) & fine wrinkling, reduce irregular pigmentation & freckles, stimulate collagen production and even skin tone. Improve Rosacea- reducing overall redness, flushing and dilated capillaries, reduce acne & acne scarring.

We usually recommend between 3-6 IPL sessions over a 12 month period, with 1-2 sessions annually for maintenance.


Oxygenate, smooth & purify the skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and aids the detoxification of the body. Add these treatments to your Beauty Plan on their own or as a booster to other results you wish to see. A great combination to massage treatments.

Massage Treatments

Want to have regular massages for relaxation? Then join ‘The Beauty Plan’ and earn additional rewards while enjoying your massages. Also a great complement to the Infrared Sauna (Botany only) or maybe you simply want to add a divine Scalp Massage to your facial treatments. You customise your treatment schedule, or have a complimentary consultation with us and we will tailor the treatments for you.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal

To be able to deliver the best possible result with IPL Hair removal treatment (we aim for a minimum of 80% hair reduction by the end of your treatment plan), we have created the IPL Beauty Plan- this is 8 IPL treatments, spaced between 6-8 weeks apart.

The 8 treatments are then priced at a special discounted rate, equal to purchasing 6 sessions. You are then able to use our easy payment option, and make small weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit payments to make this suit your budget. Or, pay upfront and receive an additional 5% discount.

It is compulsory to attend a Hair Removal Consultation with us first so we can assess suitability and put together the best plan for you. Consultations are complimentary and there is no obligation to commit to treatment.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT or Micro-Needling)

The most effective tool for skin rejuvenation, we use the derma CIT pen, delivering cutting edge technology and uncompromising safety. Recommended for increasing collagen formation for smoother, tighter skin, reducing acne scarring, pore size and improving overall skin texture. Best done as a course of treatments, with follow up facials 4 days after a CIT appointment. On ‘The Beauty Plan’, your follow up facials are complimentary and you receive a homecare skincare pack specially designed for use with this treatment.

Light Therapy Treatments

Using the healing therapy of wave length light to treat multiple skin conditions. Reduce lines and wrinkles, acne, breakouts & psoriasis, increase collagen production & boost skins natural healing (especially after illness or surgery). This treatment is non invasive, is often described as very relaxing and has absolutely no downtime.

Add these treatments to ‘The Beauty Plan’ or add on to any other advanced Facial Treatment to boost results.

mesoestetic® or Ultraceuticals Facial Treatments and Peels

As highly result driven skin care products we recommend courses of facial treatments and peels to deliver the best result. We recommend a complimentary skin consultation to discuss the best facial treatment journey for your skin.

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