Vitamin A Skincare A-zyme peel anti-ageing acne treatment

Why Vitamin A is the most powerful ingredient in skincare?

#1 ingredient for anti-ageing

Topical application of vitamin A has been proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis. Collagen is the substance that gives our skin strength and structure. As we age our collagen fibres begin to break down, we lose this structure and lines and wrinkles begin to form on the skin.

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wedding Beauty countdown

Wedding Beauty Countdown

Planning a wedding can be chaotic to say the least, but it should be the one day in your life you feel the most beautiful (as all eyes are on you as you walk down that aisle).  Thinking about what you need to do to look your best on your big day can seem like a never-ending list so we’ve compiled your Wedding Beauty Countdown.

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Wedding Make-up Tips

We asked three professional make-up artists their top wedding make-up tips

Lisa Travis –  25+ years in the make-up and beauty industry
Sam Hart- Professional Make-up artist for 11 Years
Eleanor Dorn- Professional Make-up artist for 10 years

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Ultraceuticals RVR90 event

Ultraceuticals RVR90

What is RVR90?

RVR90 stands for real visible results in 90 days, a 90-day skin programme is put together by your Ultraceuticals skin expert combining homecare and in clinic treatments to achieve real visible results.   Ultraceuticals stands by their RVR90 programme as they know these results can be achieved with their powerful skincare line and the assurance that all Ultraceuticals skin experts are highly trained.

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Why your IPL Laser Hair Removal may not be working

Why your IPL / Laser isn’t working

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is the process of using filtered light (where Ultraviolet and Infrared Wavelengths are removed) to ensure a safe progressive hair removal system.  This type of semi-permanent hair removal is by far becoming the most popular form of hair removal available, but as more and more consumers are being treated, we hear more stories of IPL or Laser Hair removal not working.
We are here to tell you why.

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skin peels advanced skin therapy peeling acne pigmentation ageing dehydration

Things you should know about Peels

Things you should know about Peels

Most people tend to flinch at the thought of peels! Just the thought of a fiery red face, with skin shedding off like a snake in the desert…. but this is not always the case!

We do perform peels like this but the fact is most of the peel treatments we do perform are extremely controlled and are definitely not suited for all.  The common peels that are used in clinics are designed to ‘treat’ the skin and perform a mild ‘peeling’ of the skin, basically a deep exfoliation (much like microdermabrasion), but instead of a physical exfoliation it’s a chemical exfoliation using specific acids to dissolve all of the dead skin cells and debris.

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ingredient spotlight Stem Cells in skincare

Ingredient Spotlight: Stem Cells

Ingredient Spotlight: Stem Cells & why they’re in our skincare?

Our skin’s are filled with stem cells but as we age and are exposed to external aggressors these cells die and have trouble repairing themselves. These stem cells are crucial to our skin’s function but what do we do once they are gone?

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Collagen in skincare Anti-aging products mesoestetic

Ingredient Spotlight: Collagen

Ingredient Spotlight – Collagen & why it’s in skincare 

Collagen is a commonly used word in the marketing of many Anti-aging products with promises to turn back the clock and ‘reverse’ the signs of ageing, but what is it really and why is it in skincare?

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How to stay looking flawless all day make up tips

How to stay Flawless all day long

How to stay flawless all day long….

We all spend a certain amount of time getting ready in the morning whether it’s just foundation or the full works but we all have that moment mid-afternoon or even when we get home where we look into the mirror and see that makeup we applied this morning has now smudged, run or disappeared altogether.   We have busy days and no time to waste making midday touch-ups so do it right 1st time and keep that flawless face all day, make your make-up last until your ready to take it off.

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Ingredient spotlight DNA Enzymes Mesoestetic Anti aging facials

Ingredient Spotlight: DNA Enzymes

Ingredient Spotlight: DNA Enzymes

Everybody has a rough idea of what DNA is, most think of DNA at a crimes scene (too many tv series!) or family DNA that is what we are made up of from our parents: but what is DNA when it comes to skincare?

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