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Who needs a Skin Therapist when I can choose my own products?

Now, most people think that as long as I have bought some skin care and are putting some kind of product on my face, I am looking after my skin when in fact using incorrect skin care can create more harm than good.

Over the counter, Skin care products are usually classed in four categories: Oily, Dry, Normal and Combination skins.  It seems simple enough to decide what category I think my skin is and choose my skincare off the shelf.  But as skin research is an ever developing science, as highly trained skin therapists our focus is skin conditions, no longer skin types.

The most common skin conditions are Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, Acne, Uneven Skin Tone and Dehydration.  The good news is these skin conditions are mostly treatable, but only if using the correct skin care products which are dependent on the ingredients used, the strength of the ingredients and where they are able to penetrate to in the skin. That is where the importance of the Skin Therapist comes in.

The Beauty Clinic

Our skins defence is the stratum corneum (the topmost layer of our skin), as it shields the skin from outside factors- acting like a barrier. It is actually made up of three components (1)dead skin cells, (2) the lipid bi-layer and (3)amino acids.

This makes up our NMF (natural moisturising factor) which then acts as a shield, sealing the skin cells and keeping them hydrated.  This barrier is easily disrupted by incorrect skin care and can result in an impaired barrier which can exacerbate all types of skin conditions.

Can you say you are 100% certain you have chosen the correct product off the shelf that is treating your skin conditions?

If not, that is where skin therapists come in, we are here to help guide you through your skin journey and make sure that your concerns and conditions are being treated as well as ensuring your skin products aren’t money down the drain.

So what are you waiting for?

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